Monday, April 13, 2009

First blog ever

I have given in. 

I know some of you think blogging is lame (but obviously you're reading mine so I know you secretly like blogging) and others of you have your own blogs. I decided last night while watching 'Australia' that I would write a blog. Nullah, the most scrumptious little boy ever said something about dreaming and I liked it and decided I wanted to ramble on about stuff.

'Life in the Pool' is kind of a funny title for me because I don't swim overly well, I don't own a pool and don't plan to anytime soon. But here's why I picked it... A few of my friends and I have this joke about life being like a pool and that most of us like to hang out in the shallow end MOST of the time! And then maybe venture over to the deep end once in awhile. So that's what my blog will be about. Shallow stuff and deep stuff from time to time. 

The end.


Jagers said...

Cant Wait!

Nadine said...

I will read along as you ramble on about stuff. That is the fun of blogging!


Diane said...

Loved all your blogs. Look forward to reading more. You are a good writer miss Bon.
love you.

And Deeter is pretty sweet. :)