Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Did you know that authentic is an adjective. I know, it's amazing. And it means this:

"Not false or copied; genuine; real." 

After an amazing weekend on the team with Awake and Arise ( I am wanting to be authentic more than ever before. I think that life so easily demands that we give this up if we are not conscious and committed to being real. I have a tendency to be a professional hider from time to time... just being "great" and "fine" and smiling my way through whatever is really going on in my life. And it's not always just this. Sometimes I really am GREAT and don't share that either. 

And that part about being real. What does that mean? Am I real? Who am I? All good questions that I am journaling about right now and I hope the bottom takes a long time to get to! I would hate "who I am" to be narrowed down to a simple statement on a page. I think each person has more depth inside of them than they are prepared for and thus is life. The pursuit of becoming. And being. And I know I can't wait for each of you to become more of who you are. Because I like that. 

And put your seatbelts on because I'm going to do the same and I don't know what I look like yet but the more honest I get, the more I like it! 

And that was Bonnie reporting from the deeper end of the pool! 


Jagers said...

I am doing authentically crappy today but tomorrow will be better!! Love you Bon you are amazing!

Tami said...

Hey Bonnie, I am learning more and more too, about how much of my growing up years were spent being something because I was "supposed to be" that way. It's a hard habit for me to shake now. I am learning to find ways to like myself, finally, and figure out that I am loved by God as I am, not how I "should be."
Does that make sense? Too bad it's taken so long to figure out.

Tami said...

Sorry, that post was from Tami Hunter :)

Bonnie K said...

I know it was you Tami! I totally agree though. Coming out from under what expected or put onto you during your growing up years is such hard work but man, it's SO worth it!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what your talking about thats another awesome thing that awake and arise did for me this weekend and that God was preparing me for the week before... :)

Look forward to seeing more of you!