Friday, April 17, 2009

My Doggy Dog. Deeter

This is my doggy, Deeter. I know, he's very handsome. I think he knows it too because I tell him that everyday! I really do. And I know it's cheesy. I think that makes it more fun! And I know you're wondering why I like this funny looking creature so much. Well, it's the same reason that parents love their "awkward stage" kids or their "attitude in a teenage body" kids. Once upon a time, Deeter was a baby puppy doggy.

ANGELIC. I could eat his face. Not really but you know... 

He looks like a toy. A fake dog. But I assure you, the pee puddles were real.

Okay... I know, it's a little bit centerfold-ish. But he used to lay like this in his bed all the time. And I didn't put his toys there. He did. He really liked organizing for a small portion of his life. Now he is more into the 'all over the house' look. Or the 'under the couch and I'm going to whine until I get my toy' thing. And that bed... he ate it. Well, I guess he ripped it to shreds and I threw it away. Same with his little weiner dog friend there. He's probably under a million pounds of landfill right about now. Poor unstuffed animal. 

Here's a few more of Deeter in his adult life:

Pondering the deeper meaning of life.

Bad photo, I know but he's dancing in circles for a treat.

Enjoying my hub baking in the kitchen... plenty on the floor! 

He's still pretty cute but it's definitely this that makes my heart melt into a giant puddle of mushy love... Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

oh my word... that is the cutest pup i've ever seen... no wonder you love him! love you bon. ruth