Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Winter Weather Preview

(Or just a prediction from other people.)

Check this out!


I've read a few different resources regarding this prediction and they're all saying it. Below normal temperatures for the Pacific Northwest.

Have you seen my drive-way? Have you seen my dog?

Both are reasons for me to tremble in my boots. Because my drive-way is a "blue" ski run and my dog is a wimp.

Even more concerning, I have this baby... you know, the one born last March? When it's snowy or icy or even threatening either of these conditions, we park at the bottom of the driveway. The thought of climbing up and down with Hudson sounds so perfectly awful to me... I can imagine a lot of "at home" days where we slowly go crazy from cabin fever and I succumb to the television. And food.

After I typed that, I got a craving for brownies. I think I'm gonna go make some!

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