Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The tree that was and other stories

This will be short and sweet. Or maybe just short! ha! Or maybe not.

1. We hired a tree service to come and trim all of our trees. They trimmed all of our trees. Except for the one they cut down and chipped and took away. But they're planting a new one. The only thing that bugs me about this is that you really can't "replace" a tree that was 8 years old. It doesn't really work. Other than that, I'm not seething about this anymore.

2. The other day, I went to the dentist and they froze my entire mouth just to clean my teeth. Thank-you Jesus! ha! Sometime in the last couple of years, something has happened to my teeth and they've become super, extremely sensitive. One touch of that metal scraper thingy (I think it's a scaler... I like my name better) and I will go through the roof. So my mouth was totally frozen. And it stayed that way almost all day. Lovely.

3. Today we were out of coffee and I finally picked some up around noon. Practically an emergency. I went back to bed this morning because I was so sluggy from the lack of sweet, pure caffeine in my body. And I bought a coffee at a drive-thru Woods Coffee (love!) and then re-stocked my home stash.

4. At Trader Joes today this girl with 2 adorable kids (1 was really a NEW baby) asked me about Hudson and we started to talk. She was really nice. As I was walking away, I thought... I should invite her to the play group I'm going to tomorrow. And then I didn't. I kept walking. Lame huh. I'm like this double personality of shy and not shy. Oh well.

5. I'm sure you're riveted by my blog today.

6. On this Tuesday: I will make Lentil Soup, fold laundry, plan my music for Sunday, maybe make some egg salad for lunch this week (thanks Delayne and Angie for the inspiration, bahahaaaaa), eat, and maybe some other things. Oh, send out rent increase letters to our tenants... it sounds cruel but we haven't increased rent in 2 years so really, it isn't. I need to call the tree people back so they can buy us a new tree. And other stuff. Yes, my life is awesome. That was sarcastic but I really do like my life. It's good.

Okay, that's enough. Enough typing for me and enough reading for you. I don't know how much the average person can handle of my ramblings but my inner rambling sensory gland says that I am about at the limit.

Except for a couple of random photos of Hudson on the move...

Look at his fuzzy hair. I can't get enough of it!

Or that face! Even in a blurry shot!

Have a nice day!