Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clouds. A nerd's post.

I love clouds. I know that sound sick and awful, since I live in the Northwest where we see clouds for most of the year, but I'm not talking about just any clouds. I love clouds with texture and depth and color and all the wonderful things that clouds can do. One of my favorite things as a child was jumping on our trampoline, looking at the puffy cotton ball clouds on summery days. We don't get many of those kind. But every fall, just before we head into the gray, boring, flat clouds of winter, we get some pretty good ones just to ease us from sun into drizzle. For 8 months... 

Looking out the window this morning, I saw some pretty great ones and I had to take some pictures. Of course, my camera's battery was dead so I grabbed Luke's and hoped for the best. I love to see paintings of clouds too. I wish I could paint and then paint really good clouds. Delayne?? Teacher Delayne? Ahem. Excuse me. That just slipped out. 

Clouds also make me think of heaven. And heaven on earth. And potential. And all the wonderous things we haven't seen or heard or experienced yet. That's what these ones make me think about! 

Have a happy day! 

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