Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tarp city

For Labor Day weekend this year, we went camping at Deception Pass State Park. I reserved the spot back in January and I fully intend to do it again for next year. The spot I found was totally perfect and close to the bathrooms but not too close, if you know what I mean. 

The weather forecast said lots and lots of rain and possible thunder/lightning storms so we came prepared. Our friends Chris & Shereen came with us and we built the most awesome tarp city on the planet (well... for camping) ever! We WANTED it to rain. Luke packed enough firewood to keep us in business for the whole weekend and basically, we ate and played games non-stop for 3 days! And slept too. Maybe a few walks, you know, to add some balance to our very well balanced weekend! 

On Sunday, we had some visitors show up. Ben/Becca stopped by for the day and my brother Steve and his friend Rachael came to camp for one night. We played a very intense game of poker with $8 in the pot to win. Yes, big money. I didn't win. 

I think I'm just rambling a lot right now but here's the pictures Luke took of our trip. I didn't want to do anything other than nothing so I couldn't be bothered to bring my camera...

Setting up our beautiful campsite.

TARP CITY!!!! That's what we ended up calling it. I think it's appropriate! 
Hashbrown heaven! Hot breakfasts every morning!!!
This is Steve's creepy pancake cooking face.
Rachael, who brought her very cool, REAL film camera. Photo major at fancy school.
I don't think this should be dignified with an explanation...

And to top off my little reminiscence of our great weekend, I ran to grab something from the dining room and realized that my dog Deeter had emptied his little guts out on my floor twice. I just found out today that Ben fed him not one, but TWO hot dogs on Sunday. He had a hot dog hangover on Monday and wouldn't get out from the sleeping bag for nothin' or nobody.

The end. Pun intended.

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