Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Technology

Being that it's 2011, we have a computer. I don't really know how we'd function on many levels without one these days. I pay bills, check email, live on Facebook and Twitter plus all the blogs I love to read. Any random question I have... Google it! Remember those encyclopedia sets people used to have? Google is my encyclopedia! Yesterday, I discovered that something was eating all of my peas in the garden so I went online and I now know that it's some kind of bird and went to Lowes and purchased some netting. Case closed. Thank-you Google!

Anyway, this post really isn't about Google. It's about Hudson, my little guy. He's growing up, seeing Mama and Daddy at the computer doing all sorts of random things and he assumes that if we're using it, he must be able to as well. Yesterday it was quiet (usually means something is UP!) so I peaked around the corner and sweet little Hudbud was clicking away with the mouse with one hand while the other one furiously typed on the keyboard. Cute but not really. Because all these windows were popping up. He was updating our network connections, getting ready to scan something and a bunch of other stuff. Agh!!!! But it's natural for him to want to use the computer because he sees us using it everyday.

So, I have this plan! I am going to buy him his very own baby laptop. I found one that's a bit mature for him but it's got all the typing buttons so he can feel like he's using the computer without wrecking ours! I like these ones!

I like this one. The mouse is a "must have" for Hudson.

I think I might like this one a little bit better but I did hear that Vtech isn't as durable as Leap Frog. But it's got a little screen so it might still be a better option for us. We'll see!

Well, that's all for now. Time to wake up the baby and head out on errands. Happy Day!

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