Thursday, June 23, 2011


I love roots. Tree roots, if I may clarify. They are so fascinating. When you see a tall tree reaching high into the sky, it's easy to forget that there are roots that probably reach at least the same distance into the ground. These roots hold the tree firmly on the earth, feed and nourish its branches and help the tree to product fruit. It's amazing. And they're just really pretty. I love this photo.

However, trees are not the reason for this post today. I also have a lot in common with this tree. I have roots too. Really horrible, WAY past due roots. And there's where our commonalities stop. My roots are not beautiful, nor do they feed me and made me productive. Mine are a sad sign of my motherhood and my own personal neglect.

Sob, whine, waaaaaaaahhhhhh. Bahahahaha!

Okay, enough pity party. My hair isn't SO bad because my hair stylist is good at blending my "real" color with my highlights but seriously, it's not pretty. It's been about a month past what most would even consider socially acceptable. And the only reason I say all of this is because tonight at 5pm, I am escaping to get my hair cut and colored. And an eyebrow wax. You're welcome, world.

I'll post a picture when it's done if I like it. I'm considering a big daring, live dangerous change. I think I may get some bangs. Like the straight across kind and maybe heavy ones. It's scary because it's not something you can really hide if you loathe the way it looks. I may wimp out or go for something a little less "big change" but then again, I might just do it. I've chopped my hair to a pixie cut from really long and I've tried just about everything in between so I'm no stranger to the no-turning-back haircut.

My only hesitation these days when I think of anything to do with hair is... how long will this take me to style and will it be high maintenance. See, I have this time consuming little boy now and it makes the beautification of Mommy a leetle bit more difficult. So we'll see.

But let's all celebrate together that my hair and that tree will no longer be bobsy twins. Happy Thursday to you!

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