Friday, December 18, 2009

Montreal - some probably not-so-good photos

This past week I went to Montreal with my family to visit family. It was so good to see my middle brother's face and make fun of him in person and just be an annoying older sister for a few days. I mean, that's what life is REALLY about right! RIGHT??? Being a thorn in the side of younger sibs. At least that's what I've always thought. Here are a few photos from my trip.

And I'll post a totally separate post on some of the gorgeous architecture of Montreal. It's tres Europe-esque. And please don't question my vocabulary. Thank-you.

Beware: none edited, just plain, raw photos from my camera...

Well, except for this one: this is from the hotel's website and it's where we stayed.

We had a 2 bedroom suite - very old house, very modern furnishings.

This little fellow is Bed Bug. He gets his own blog post at a later date.

Bad lighting. Ahem. Dinner at Alex's parent's house... 4 courses of food heaven!

With Alex's parents

This will only be funny to my brothers... typical travel with Dad... looking at a map.

Guess which one is my brother's place...

The most delicious coffee I've ever had in North America... and it's even decaf!

This photo is purely for my Dad - professional snow plowers. A full-time job in Montreal.

Dad and brothers

Gluten-free lasagna! SO good!

Yes, well... please excuse me in this photo.

Just before digging into our awesome dinner! Last night in town.

I had a really good time visiting in Montreal. It was cold and snowy but really different from the weather we get on the other side. Crisp air that we rarely get and I would probably trade on some winter days for our damp, chill-to-the-bone air. But I was still glad to get home, kiss my little dog and sleep in my own bed.

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