Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dog Days of almost spring.

Today is Doggie Day. Deeter, my little doggie, Day. I am coming to the end of my projects to get done before the BIG DAY.

You know how Taco Bell advertises 2nd dinner and on the Office when Pam was pregnant she would share all those extra meals with Kevin?? First lunch, second lunch, snack and first dinner before work was over? Well, Deeter treats naps like that.

He was let out of his kennel around 8:30am this morning and after slowly stretching out of his kennel (he's an expert at downward facing dog), he moves either towards the heating vent under the sink or like today, to the ray of sunshine coming in through our glass sliding door and collapses onto the floor for his first official nap of the day. After being awake for about 45 seconds.

This is not a joke.

We've never been able to put him on a regular dog schedule. You know, where they wake up, go potty, eat their breakfast and then proceed to chill out? Nope. He doesn't usually "wake up" for the morning until noon or 1pm. Then he's desperate for potty and desperate for some food. And then he goes back to sleep. Preferably in the sun if we've got it.

So on this Thursday, this special Thursday for my dog, I'm making him a special doggie bed. He cannot tolerate regular dog beds or even pillows filled with regular stuffing. He has such little patience for these things that he needs to rip them to shreds and empty them of their stuffing.

As quickly as possible.

Needless to say, we have down-filled pillows in our living room. He enjoys laying on these ones... expensive taste for a dog if you ask me. So he's getting a down-filled bed.

Back when I first went to college, I bought a feather mattress to go on top of the one provided by the housing people at my school and I still have it. It's not been used in many, MANY years and I was wondering what the heck to do with it in my nesting mode. It just seems so wasteful to toss out such a large amount of feathers so I'm going to cut it to size for a good dog bed, make a removable flannel cover (not fleece... he likes to eat fleece too) and then call it good. And then maybe I'll send the insides to the dry cleaner. Maybe.

It's also my dog's day today because I'm fixing a "down substitute" blanket that I REALLY like myself when we watch movies that he happened to figure out wasn't really down at all. He ate 2 holes into it and started to "unstuff" it before I finally caught him. So that needs to get sewn up and then washed. I'm hoping if he has this big bed of his, maybe he'll leave my stuff alone, no pun intended. It's a risk.

And maybe he'll get a walk today. That would pretty much make it his day! He lives for walks. We can't even say the word around here. It's W-A-L-K for now. He hasn't caught on. So maybe he'll get one of those today. But it's really more about me wanting to get my labor started, not about how much he would enjoy a walk. That's secondary.

But we won't talk about that too much more.

Happy Deeter Doggie Day!

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