Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pregnancy Survival Guide

Being pregnant for the first time in my life, I didn't really know much of anything going into this. Nobody really tells you what it's going to be like. Even having several friends who've had several babies didn't really prepare me for what these past 9 months would be like.

And now, because I have this whole arsenal of information, I'm going to share with you the MUST HAVES for pregnancy. Well, at least my pregnancy. And you should pay attention because at some point you'll either be pregnant or know someone who is. And they will kiss your feet for sharing this information. If they can bend down... but that's another story.

1. Swimming: Do it. I am a literal water storage tank right now and swimming has basically allowed me to NOT turn into a total living nightmare for everyone around me.
2. The IKEA shoe horn: You can actually get your shoes on.
3. Chair massager: It's saved my husband's life many times.
4. Memory foam topper: Ours is 3 inches thick and I have not had one bad night of sleep since we bought it. Again, saved my husband's life many times.
5. Running shoes: I don't know what it is but basically, my feet are swollen all the time and when I tie my shoes tight, it keeps my feet from falling apart. (little side note on this... my sister-in-law commented that my style has changed since I've been pregnant. Let's be clear on this... I don't have any style right now. After the end of November, my "cute" clothes just didn't work anymore. And when you feel large, you don't feel cute in anything so I'm not wearing running shoes a lot. And besides, my nice tall boots just don't fit unless I have a few "helpers" to get them on)
6. A good sense of humor: People just say weird things to you when you're pregnant. And sometimes, it's just not funny. Better to smile and nod if this happens to you.

That's it for today. I was all inspired about what I was going to write earlier today but now I just want to get my stuff done and have this baby. Maybe today? We'll see.

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